Friday, December 8, 2017

Pochade Boxes I Have Known

I've been painting outdoors for nearly 20 years now.  You'd expect that over that time I'd have gathered quite a collection of paint boxes--and I have!  I thought you'd enjoy hearing about a few of them. With that in mind, please enjoy the following video.  (Don't see the video?  Go here.)

By the way, I just received word that I've been invited back to one of the most prestigious plein air painting events--the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.  This will make my fifth year as an invited artist.  I'm very honored to have been invited again.  I'll have more details on this event in the near future.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Links You Need to Know About

Quiet Cove 12x16 Oil
Featured in my first demonstration for my website

One of my projects this year is to put up several demonstrations on my web site.  These demonstrations are free, and they will show you some of the techniques and methods I use, both in the studio and out.  You can bookmark the link below and check back regularly to see the latest demonstrations:

My first demonstration, "Study to Studio," shows how I take field studies and use them as a reference for finished studio paintings.  The painting above is featured in this one.

Lake in the Desert 9x12 Pastel
Small painting featured on my website

If you like small paintings, you should know that I regularly post small sketches and studies, all reasonably priced, on my website as well.  These are different from my larger, studio pieces that you'll find on the website.  This is a link that you can follow through a blog reader or news reader such as Feedly.  Here's the link you need:

Blue Boat 12x16 Pastel
Demonstration painting for my article in Pastel Journal as noted below

Finally, Artists Network occasionally posts some of my magazine articles from Pastel Journal and The Artist's Magazine for free.  Again, these are free articles, complete and exactly as they appear in the magazine.  Here's one they posted today, which is about limiting pastel palettes as a way of controlling color harmony:


Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Countdown's Begun—Have You Started Yet?

Are you drowning in a flood of email with subjects like “Christmas Gift Ideas”?  Well, I hope this one makes it through your spam filter, because I believe my list will take your paintings to the next level—all with the idea of helping you fulfill your New Year's vow of becoming a better painter.

Over the years, I've produced a number of educational products with that very goal in mind.  Many feature techniques I've learned or discovered that have really worked for me.  With that in mind, here is a holiday wish list just for you.

For Beginners

Are you just getting started in plein air painting?  Don't know where to start or what tools to buy?  Then my series of Plein Air Essentials courses is for you.  These online, self-study courses will show you everything you need to know through video demonstrations and downloadable material.  These are priced very reasonably, and the site also offers discount codes that take the price lower yet.  Even if you are an experienced outdoor painter, you'll find these courses useful as a refresher.  Visit .


I've published a number of helpful books over the years.  This list includes how-to books, books that offer my thoughts on painting, and books that feature favorite, very special locations.  They are all available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.  If you want a signed copy, bring the book to a workshop and I'll be happy to sign it!  Visit my author page at


As many of your know, I've written scores of helpful articles over the years for Pastel Journal and The Artist's Magazine.  Not too long ago, F&W Media, the parent organization, invited me to its video studio in Ohio to produce three videos on topics of my choice.  I chose topics that I thought would be most helpful for the painter in a video format, and I was very pleased with the results.  Although you no longer can order the DVDs, they are available for as downloads and as streaming video.   You can get “The Secret of” videos here.


Self-study courses, book and videos have their place, but there's nothing like taking a workshop with me.  It's the only way you'll get on-the-spot feedback and personal attention.  Plus, I teach in beautiful places, so you won't be disappointed with the scenery!  Treat yourself to a week by the seaside in Downeast Maine painting the stunning cliffs and vistas of a historic fishing village.  Or, come to New Mexico and take a one-on-one painting intensive with me to paint some gorgeous Southwestern landscapes.  I have a full list of workshops in Maine, the Southwest and elsewhere on my website at  And yes, I do gift certificates!


Of course, besides the instructional material, I'd also love to sell a few paintings!  I have hundreds of paintings on my website,, which you can purchase directly from the site.  I also offer sales now and then.  My holiday sale is still going on as we speak, and if you order right away, you'll get your painting before Christmas.


If you can't afford a painting, maybe you'd like a calendar for $13.99?  I've gone through and selected my favorite 13 paintings from this past year.  The calendar will provide you with a visual feast that will feed you all year!  You can preview and buy it here:

I hope you'll find something in my list that you or another painter will enjoy. Now get out and paint!